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Take a look at some of my favourite projects and case studies below. These include brand identity designs, packaging redesign, and marketing campaigns.

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I spent 15 years in a successful policy career, but something was missing. Writing policy reports was dry and pretty uninspiring most of the time. My job felt like a dull gray sweater that didn’t fit quite right.

Outside the office, I was letting my creative self out to play by painting vibrant abstracts and traveling the world. Inside the office, the sweater was getting duller and grayer.

Then, I accidentally met a designer in the wild—as part of one of my work assignments, I hired a design agency to help me create some visuals, and I discovered that collaborating with them was a whole lot more fun than my day-to-day job. Eventually, I found the courage to leave my policy job and jump into graphic design with both feet. Suddenly, I was making art, but with a purpose. I discovered the power of visuals to communicate big ideas in a clear, simple, clever, and yes, attractive way. That is why I am a designer, and the sweater finally fits.

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