HomeSense Campaign Case Study

About the client
  • HomeSense is a North American retail chain that specializes in home decor.
The challenge
  • The challenge for this project consisted of designing an attention-grabbing campaign to advertize HomeSense products in the specific context of redecorating or revamping one's home decor. A particular challenge was designing for multiple media in various formats, including large print ads, billboards, web banner ads, and Facebook banners.
The process
  • The process involved creating separate and contrasting moodboards based on a comparative market analysis of past campaigns, competitors' campaigns, and HomeSense's target audience. I then developed three possible campaign concepts, ranging from serious and polished to humorous and light-hearted.
My solution
  • I chose an approach using a play on words, using the expression "The Elephant in the Room", and photographed ugly, outdated fabrics, which I then applied to a simple elephant shape. The resulting campaign is eye-catching and memorable.